2023.1 – Handling missing images

Designer OL Connect 2023.1 What's New

When dealing with dynamic images it is quite possible an image may not exist (or no longer exist). This article explains various scenarios to cope with these missing resources.

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2023.1 – DM performance metrics

Starting with version 2023.1, the DataMapper provides performance metrics for each step of the DM flow. Those metrics help you identify the steps that…

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Data Performance

OL Learn Data
2023.1 – JS Includes in Workflow

Yes, you read that title right: starting with version 2023.1, you can include your own user-defined JS modules in Workflow so that you no…

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Automation OL Connect 2023.1

OL Connect 2023.1 New features summary

We are getting closer to the release date for OL Connect 2023.1, currently scheduled for mid-May 2023, and oh boy! are we ever excited…

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News OL Connect 2023.1 What's New

OL Learn Blog Automation
Scripted boundaries for PDF

What do you do when you have a single PDF file that contains multiple variable length documents and the only distinctive mark is a…

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Automation Data

OL Learn Data
Adapting to the environment

We all know that sound development principles tell us we should develop on one machine, test on a different one that’s an exact replica…

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Automation Installer & Configuration

OL Learn Blog Data
OL Connect 2022.2 Sneak peek: versioning and collaborative work

Get a glimpse at how version 2022.2 extends OL Connect’s versioning feature and allows you to collaborate with colleagues on common projects through online…

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Data Design Security

OL Connect 2022.2 Sneak peek: simplify templates with {{expressions}}

When your OL Connect template requires many user scripts, it can quickly become hard to maintain. These scripts quite often perform basic find/replace tasks…

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OL Connect 2022.2 New Features Summary

The second release of OL Connect is expected to be available before the end of November 2022. The new version introduces an Upland re-branding…

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Automation Data Design Installer & Configuration News Performance

Statement on OpenSSL vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-3602 & CVE-2022-3786)

Objectif Lune’s official statement on the Spring MVC/WebFlux vulnerability (CVE-2022-22965)

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